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WakeUp Creation Maximillian Tomaž Verder

Maximillian T. Verderber

“Have you ever wondered what is the true definition for doing what you love?”

-It’s called being an artist.


Hi, my name is Maximillian Tomaž Verderber, an English born, Thai-Slovenian-Italian, living in beautiful Slovenia, on a mission to capture and share with all of you, amazing artists around the world, creative and magical moments with a remarkable device supposedly called a camera. Why do you ask? Because creativity is worth sharing and every single one of you out there is an artist. When you love doing something so much that you are willing to put your entire heart and soul into it, only an artist like yourselves is capable of doing it, no matter what you do. And you are the guys we wish to create with. It’s time to wake up our inner creativity by doing what we truly love.

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