Dragana Potpara

If someone would ask me a few years ago to write something about myself, I would consider it quite simple. My name is Dragana Potpara, I was born in a small town of a small country called Montenegro where the only big thing is how important label you wear. Naturally, since I grew up in that environment, my opinion was formed in that way of thinking so I’ve spent one quarter of a century trying to build as many labels in order to attach them to my ego and say: these belong to me, these are me. One of these labels was my double master’s degree in Italian studies, which helped me a lot to realize that, by obtaining it, I won’t find fulfillment and inner peace, especially if these are depending on the other people’s approval. This was just the beginning of a journey towards my true self which I’m still getting to know, bit by bit, each day. Thus, I invite you to join me on that journey and perhaps find your own truth through my lenses of art.

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